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Sweet Dreams
📸 by @michael_doe_project_maratus

Up close and personal with a net-casting spider.

Also known as orge-faced spiders, they catch prey by stretching a web across their front legs before propelling themselves forward at whatever makes the mistake of crossing their path.

These unusual webs will stretch two or three times the relaxed size, entangling any prey that touch it.

They have spectacular night vision, and they can thank that set of unusually large posterior median eyes for this ability, which allow this micro predator to accurately hunt in almost total darkness.

These eyes are able to gather available light more efficiently than cat or owls, and they do so with out the reflective layer (tapetum lucidum) behind the retina most vertebrates take for granted.

Incredibly, the spiders eyes BUILD a large area of light sensitive membrane every night, without which would render them effectively blind at night.

Since the spiders eyes lack irises and cannot regulate the overload of light hitting the retina, these membranes are destroyed every morning when the sun comes up.

And I complain when my WIFI goes down periodically.



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