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Tiny Terror
πŸ“½ by @thegreenehorn

Least weasel chases down and catches a mouse.

They may look super cute, but weasels are killing machines. Dictated by their incredibly fast metabolism, they are required to kill and eat half their body weight every day.

When you only weigh a couple of ounces that doesn’t amount to much food, but they are known to kill even on a full stomach. They are also not deterred by size: these tiny animals have been seen carrying prey animals 10 times larger than themselves.

Any bird looking at a weasel as a snack would be wise to make a different selection – on more than one occasion, weasels that have been attacked by avian predators somehow pulled the UNO reverse card and killed their aggressors, either on the ground or mid-flight.

They might not look like much, but when you realize that weasels are in the same family as badgers, wolverines and otters, it all starts to make sense.



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