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πŸ“Έ by @birdsandlittlebugs

Much to the dismay of this ground squirrel, a great blue heron makes his selection.

Great blue herons are the largest heron in North America, they are surpassed only by the goliath heron of Africa and the white bellied heron of Asia.

They have a max wingspan of 6.5ft (2m) and stand at a max height of 4.5ft (1.3m), so while they are very tall for a bird that only weighs between 4 – 8lbs (1.8 – 3.6kg), they probably wouldn’t fair too well on any dating sites.

The great blue heron feeds primarily on small fish, but when the opportunity arises to grab something else they usually take it. Shrimp, crabs, insects, rodents, amphibians, reptiles and ducklings round out the rest of their natural buffet.

They hunt by sight and use their beak as a spear to lance prey with a powerful opening strike. More often than not their prey is swallowed whole.

Apparently, they are not so great a judge of what will fit and what won’t: great blue herons have been documented choking to death on prey that is too large to swallow.



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