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Land Whales
πŸ“Έ by @lauradyerphotography

Two hippos have a very violent dry season argument.

Although they bear a physical resemblance to pigs, the closest living relatives of the hippopotamus are in fact whales, dolphins and porpoises – from which they went their separate ways roughly 55 million years ago.

Their lineage was determined by way of molecular phylogeny and the fossils of an estimated 37 prehistoric “water loving mammals” that went extinct 2.5 million years ago, of which hippopotamus are believed to be the only surviving relatives.

Hippos are recognizable by their barrel-shaped torsos, their extra large mouths that house their large canine tusks and their all-around enormity.

On average, adult males weigh 1500kg (3310lbs) and the females weigh 1300kg (2870lbs) respectively.



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