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Nothing Goes To Waste
πŸ“Έ by @shogen

The death of any megafauna (in this case, an elephant) is a big deal, as it enriches the surrounding ecosystem by providing food for scavenger and hunter alike.

Larger predators will gorge themselves on the large bounty of food. They will also provide an opening for smaller scavengers like vultures to feast – on their own they are unable to penetrate the thick skin, which is sometimes 2 – 4in (5 – 10cm) thick, depending on the animal.

As the carcass decomposes further, a full community of decomposition experts like maggots show up and chow down on anything the larger scavengers don’t get to fast enough.

At every stage of this decomposition, the carcass site itself gets soaked in the blood and fluids released from the animal, creating a large fertile patch of ground from all of the nutrients released via microbes into the soil.

While the death of a large animal like an elephant can be sad, these deaths are crucial for ecosystems, as these banquets can be life-savers for the surrounding community of flora and fauna.



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