This happened about a month ago at a drive-thru zoo on the east coast of the United States. I’m trying to keep it vague – read into that as much as you like.

Guests of this zoo receive safety warnings throughout the experience and are explicitly told not to leave the safety of the car, which was obviously ignored here.

Can we talk about the absolute disrespect you must have for an animal like a bison, who could probably toss the car they’re in on its side with a bit of effort, to allow your child to fucking hang out the window of your car and not even make an effort to move out of it’s way?

The thing is on fucking wheels! Hit the skinny pedal and move OR if you’re not gonna do that, maybe don’t let the kid hang outside like that and risk potential facial reconstructive surgery.

This one is on the “adults” in that car.

May your absolute ineptitide as caretakers serve to educate others: when a wild animal is involved, at a park, zoo, whatever it is, KEEP YOUR FUCKING DISTANCE!

According to the article: (which is up in our story) by some miracle, besides a few scratches and scrapes the kid didn’t sustain any significant injuries from eating that absolute wallop.

Listening to the impact I find that hard to believe, but I wasn’t there, so here’s hoping he actually is OK.



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