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Who’s Laughing Now
πŸ“Έ by @shaun_malan_photography

Leopard with a freshly killed spotted hyena pup.

Predators of all shapes and sizes look at another animals young as dinner. It is not because they are cruel, or heartless or unable to understand loss, it is because they need to eat; young animals are not as sure-footed as adults and thus easier to chase down.

Looking at this system from the outside, (for the most part, we humans are no longer members of this natural system) picking on babies might seem absolutely monstrous! But for a moment, try to look at this act from the perspective of a lone ranger type predator, like the leopard.

The risk of injury is significantly decreased when hunting younger animals, because they aren’t yet strong enough to mount a suitable defense, although if they are unable to separate said animal from the mother/defacto protector, the leopard runs the risk of catching a wild hoof to the eye or mouth or in this case, the bite of a protective hyena mother.

Even a moderate injury could prove fatal when you factor infection into the mix, so keeping this risk as low as possible while still acquiring the sustenance to survive is of the utmost importance – as the old saying goes: no risk, no reward.

One downside of going after young animals is, while young might be less work to obtain the amount of food they gain for their work is also, less.



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