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Pulled Pork
πŸ“Έ by @mikedexterphotography

A foursome of hyenas rip a warthog to shreds.

Did you know?: Female spotted hyenas are the only members of the mammal family without a external vaginal opening.

Female hyenas possess a pseudo-penis, which is actually the clitoris, shaped and positioned like the penis of the male hyena. The female hyena will urinate, copulate and give birth through this pseudo-penis.

Females are the highest ranking members of the hyena clan, even the lowest ranking females will dominate the highest ranking males.

Rival clans will respect the boundaries of other hyena clans – some have been witnessed stopping dead in their tracks when prey crosses over into another clans territory – However, this respect for eachothers boundaries goes out the window in times of food shortage.

The bite force of an adult spotted hyena has been measured at 1000psi, enough to crush up the bones of most prey animals they feed on.



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