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Heavy is the Head
πŸ“Έ by @mirzaphoto

Male lion enjoying some leftovers.

Lions are arguably the most widely-recognized animal symbol in all of human culture. The male lion in particular is considered the “king of all beasts” and depictions of them are meant to symbolize royalty, courage, nobility, strength and valor.

The flipside of this coin – the way lions view humans – varies. For the most part, we are on the lion’s pay-no-mind list, yet the safety of a human in close proximity to a lion can never be guaranteed.

Lions do not usually seek out and hunt humans, but there are well-documented cases of this occurring from time to time. One such case is that of the Tsavo maneaters: a pair of male lions who in 1898 terrorized the builders of a railway bridge in Kenya over a 9 month period.

At first, the lions would take turns stalking and dragging workers out of their tents and devouring them, but as time went on and countermeasures proved ineffective, the pair became more brazen and would enter the campsite together and take a man each.

As the attacks became more frequent, hundreds of workers fled the site and work on the bridge came to a halt. This triggered a response in the form of 20+ infantry being deployed to the campsite to assist in the hunt for these maneaters, and they were eventually shot and killed.

In total, these 2 lions are responsible for the deaths of 135 workers between March and December 1898.

Their taxidermied remains are on display at the Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.



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