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Paper Beats Rock

This tree faced and overcame all of the same challenges that other trees face and then some, in particular the giant immovable object sitting right on top of it.

No matter what stands in the way of the progress of this or any lifeform, it will find a way around it or it will die trying to.

Why? Because they have nothing better to do.

Trees don’t have Netflix accounts, Impala don’t have Amazon Prime.
“Instead of gradually working my way through this after 6 months of searching and finally finding the tiny crack in its armor, I think I’ll sit here and watch 9 seasons of Friends” is a though that only goes through the mind of one species on this planet.

Every other species is out there everyday, and they’re all grinding, putting it all on the line to graze in a field, get 4 millimeters closer to the sun, kill that squirrel, feed those babies, make those babies – you have to respect the hustle.

When I see a picture like this I am in AWE of the determination, perseverance and sheer will to live on display; the time it took to work it’s way inside and through, the triumphant moment when it finally made it all the way to the other side and felt the sun unimpeded for the first time.

This tree didn’t say “fuck this rock” with words, this tree said it by carving out it’s own little area to thrive…. and talking trees only exist in my nightmares.



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