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πŸ“Έ by @lawrencewyllie94

This unlucky horse feel on its side and somehow got one of it’s back hooves stuck in the roots of this plant – it’s hard to see it because everything is covered in mud.

Unable to break free of this shackle and after desperately digging himself a large hole in an attempt to escape, the horse died of exhaustion, which by the size of the cavity took days.

According to the man who submitted these photos, this is the 3rd horse that has been killed by one of these plants/vines. The two others got their necks caught in it and essentially strangled themselves to death trying to get loose.

This plant is obviously a problem as it is quite prolific in this region, but any attempt to identify it has failed; since I’ve been blessed with a large following I’ve decided to ask all of you.

My hope is that one of you could help this man find out the species so he can take the proper steps to make it more manageable.

So, can anyone tell by these photos what kind of plant this is?

Location: Efate Island, Vanuatu



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