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📸 by @ingoarndtphotography

Female puma hunting a young guanaco in Patagonia.

Pumas (also known as cougars, mountain lions, red tigers, catamount) are solitary ambush predators, crushing the throat of their prey is the culmination of over an hour of stealthily stalking and avoiding detection.

The adult guanaco can run like the wind blows, up to 40mph in a dead sprint, not bad for an animal the can weight close to 200lbs. The young ones aren’t as intimidating, so she makes short work of this one.

Patagonia is the backdrop for this spectacle, located at the southern end of the South American continent. The region is shared by Argentina and Chile and is sparsely populated.

The area is named for the mythical giant natives the Portuguese explorer Magellan encountered in his travels to the region, claiming they were twice the size of a regular man. It’s because of these stories that the name Patagonia stuck – which means “land of the big feet”


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