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Them Bones

Female moose and fetus ripped apart by wolves.

It goes without saying, wolves will eat anything they can catch, like hares and other small mammals – but their preferred prey are ungulates (large hoofed animals) like moose, deer and elk.

Wolves are endurance predators, sometimes chasing prey for miles waiting for the right opportunity to strike, as an exhausted animal is less likely to cause an injury/fatally wound a pack member than one at full strength.

Weather conditions and terrain are also factored into this “window of opportunity,” for example a wide-open field will favor the prey, so experienced wolf packs will panic herds of elk into running towards deep snow/forest/a dry river bed, as these types of terrain tip the scales in favor the wolves.

For their prey, a death by wolves is not a quick one; prey usually die of shock, muscle damage or loss of blood. Larger wolves might bite onto the snout of the animal in attempt to expedite expiration, but even this is not a quick process and the animal will still take several minutes to finally die.

Hopefully this paints a better picture of what actually went down here.



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