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I am just straight-up reposting this from because I’ve never seen anything like this before and she explains it very well.

You should really follow her if you’re at all interested in teratology.

If it wasn’t obvious, the following was written by

This is not Photoshopped. It is a real fawn with a facial deformity.

I’ve never seen anything like this. It looks like something out of a movie.

According to developmental biologist @frogdiazzle this is a rare type of facial cleft. A Type 7 Tessier cleft, in which the face fails to stitch together starting at the base of the ear.

This was shared by Marianne Hudson on Facebook.

This baby fawn came out of the woods with it’s Mom in Alabama. It was only a day or two old, unable to nurse, hungry and bleating for food. The mom took off as soon as it saw people and left her fawn. It was euthanized.

(It also has early-stage maggots at the edges of his mouth, aside from the deformity it probably was not being adequately groomed by mom.)


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