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πŸ“Έ by @deserthunterimages

Gila monster, naturally mummified by the arid heat of the Arizona desert.

Accidental mummies like these are the most common in the world, some are desiccated by the dry heat of the desert, some are frozen; locked in ice indefinitely, and then theres bog bodies… but we’ll get to those in a different post.

A mummy is essentially a body whose soft tissue has been preserved long after death and is primarily caused by the nature of the surrounding environment, although a number of factors determine the slow rate of decomposition that preserves them like this instead of reducing a body to a bare skeleton.

The easiest way to accidentally become a mummy is to get buried in hot sand – which will absorb the bodily fluids and dry the body out completely. Decomposition requires heat and moisture, remove one of those elements and the process slows to a crawl, preventing bacteria from breaking down the tissue and reproducing is the key to keeping your dried-out beef jerky body together long enough to end up in a museum.



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