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πŸ“Έ by @mostly.birds

A peregrine falcon, masterfully captured in its hunting stoop (high speed dive)
In the second slide, I’ve adjusted a photo of a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit bomber to face down at close to the same angle as the diving falcon, to illustrate just how similar the shape/aerofoil of the war bird matches up with the natural profile of the peregrine.

This natural inspiration should come as no surprise – a peregrine falcon in full attack mode is the fastest animal on planet earth, so fast that their prey never see them coming. They have an average top speed of 200mph, (320kph) and the highest recorded top speed of a p.falcon in tactical configuration is 242mph (389kph)
The also have the fastest visual processing speed of any animal tested so far and can detect subtle changes at up to 129Hz (cycles per second).
To compare that to human processing speed: our television sets must output a minimum of 24 frames per second before we see still images as fluid.

If you were to manufacture, market and sell a television to peregrine falcons, it would have to have an output framerate above 129fps or else the falcons eyes would pick up gaps/flashes between frames.

Whether in a dive or just scoping the scene, their world moves much faster than ours does, so having hypersensitive eyesight is not only logical, it is an absolute necessity.



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