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πŸ“Έ by @its_brittanybetch_

This ones tricky.

I’m not entirely confident in any of my own theories that might explain what happened here.

At first I was going to say it fell through the iced-over lake and drowned, when the lake thawed it was released from its icy prison and then beached. This all seems plausible, until you realize that its July and this elk would have been unrecognizable by now.

The next theory was that this elk was hunted by an unknown predator/predators and entered the lake in an attempt to defend/deter their pursuers and later drowned. Again, this could be what happened. On the other hand, elk are excellent swimmers. On top of this they have hollow hair and rich fat reserves that help make the animal buoyant, so drowning might also be a stretch.

My last theory was a surplus kill or a “thrill kill”. Wolves have been documented doing this before, although it is very rare and still not entirely understood why it is done. Some believe that they are just bloodthirsty killers, while others believe that it is an (albeit misguided) effort to stockpile food. This one is just far fetched, I feel like there would be significantly more damage to the body, but really who can say for sure.

What do you think happened?



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