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📸 by @jens_cullmann

Painted wolf snacking on some eland antelope.

The African wild dog is a specialised pack hunter of common medium-sized antelopes.

The dogs hunt by approaching prey silently and depending on the size of their target, they’ll either pull it down and dismember it OR as is the case with larger prey, chase it down for up to 1 hour at speeds of 40mph (65kph) to ensure that their prize is completely exhausted before they go in for the kill.

During the chase of these larger animals, the dogs will take turns biting their quarry repeatedly on the hind legs, belly and behind until they finally succumb to the persistence of the dogs.

African painted wolves are arguably the most successful predators in the world, 60% – 90% of their hunts result in a kill. Compare that to lions (27% – 30%) and Hyenas (25% – 30%) and you can see just how efficient they are.



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