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Bitch Better Have My Honey
πŸ“½ via @jukinmedia

A bear saunters into a vacant cabin after kicking in and obliterating the door frame, proving once and for all that if they want in, they get in.

The sad part of this video is that this behavior combined with its obvious comfort around humans will more than likely result in this bear being euthanized.

One has to assume that this bear is looking for food, then again the way he looked around inside might indicate that he was just looking for his misplaced airpods.

Joking aside, bears that are familiar with and not afraid of humans can over time become a safety concern. Approaching people for food means that they have most likely lost their preference for natural food sources, and these approaches may be a precursor to the bear becoming aggressive and dangerous.

Have you ever been hangry? Well imagine needing an average of 20,000 calories per day and your preferred food is not as readily available as it used to be – in fact, it’s being kept from you by these weird upright hairless apes.

That old saying “don’t feed the bears” isn’t just for your safety, it’s for the animals well-being as well.



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