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Life is Pain
📸 by @chekawild

Wildebeest doesn’t know what quitting means.

Even in the face of its own impending death, this gnu demonstrates its determination to fight against the dying of the light.

Prey animals are so much tougher and more resilient than they get credit for, and I believe the reason for this is because no matter how true my previous statement may be, the predators that hunt and kill them must be that much more cunning and downright barbaric to take them off the board.

Outsmarting, attacking, subduing and finally killing animals that are in no way sympathetic to their plight using only their wits, instinct and finally their face to execute this involuntary resignation is no easy feat.

Not to mention that they need to do this every time they’re hungry.

In comparison, most of us live a life so far removed from this struggle that we forget what these actual hardships look like.

Keep in mind, both the predator and the prey are fighting to survive here.

No matter how dire the situation may be, this never-say-die struggle for life is a daily occurence and these animals command respect.



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