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πŸ“½ by @cavemanwildlife

Red-eyed katydid eviscerates a tomato hornworm.

Scientific name: Neobarrettia spinosa

Red-eyed katydids are quite obviously predatory insects, main food sources include other insects, other katydids, frogs, and small lizards. They have also been documented raiding nests and snatching baby birds, but this behavior is quite rare.

The spines on their front and middle legs are used to help the katydid hold its prey in place while the mandibles go to work, slicing and tearing through the soft squishy body of this worm.

These insects have a very powerful bite, and they have no problem dishing it out and drawing the blood of careless human handlers, so if you ever find yourself handling one of these be careful.

Of the roughly 6000 species of katydid, roughly 45 of those are predatory.



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