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Stay Sharp
πŸ“Έ by @mikesutherlandphoto

A lioness in the shade has her nap interrupted by some fast food.

Your average lioness sleeps 15 – 18 hours per day, and male lions sleep even more – up to 20 hours per day – Although these daily averages are by no means set in stone.

Some lions sleep less depending on their location and how established their social groups may be. A large pride can sleep longer because it is assumed that they wouldn’t all be sleeping at once, so the chances of being alerted to danger – if and when it presents itself – are greater.

The lone lioness in the photo would have more trouble sleeping all day, because she must stay alert. Just as an example – It is possible to get trampled by an elephant accidentally, she is laying down by herself on a bed of grass that matches her coat, whereas a pride of lions would hopefully notice before anything like that could happen and get out of the way.

This cat was unsuccessful in her quest to kill and eat the antelope who disturbed her beauty rest.



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