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Bloodthirsty Lump

📸 by @williamdrumm

The remains of a cormorant drift into, and are consumed by a predatory underwater protuberance known as a sea anemone.

Sea anemones are a predatory group of underwater animals. Because of the colourful appearance of these creatures, they are named after the terrestrial anemone, a flowering plant you might have in your garden.

As depicted in the accompanying photos, these beautiful giant green anemones, common in tide pools and waters of the west coast, eat more than just drifting particles.

They are capable of eating much larger animals, like this one in Monterey, quickly swallowing up part of an unfortunate cormorant like an underwater venus fly trap.

Anemones feed similar to constrictor snakes, pulling dead animal carcasses into their bodies to be slowly digested.

This caption is a hybrid, largely made up of the original written by @williamdrumm, I just modified it a bit and added a little more info.



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