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📸 by @gatorboys_chris
by @gatorboys_chris

Definitely one of the craziest wildlife encounters I’ve photographed, a western tree snake(Imantodes inornatus) consuming a red eye tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) in Costa Rica.

Typically snakes kill their prey first then orient it to swallow it head first, this makes things much easier to get down with the limbs(or spines/horns depending on prey), but this snake must have caught the frog by the back and began swallowing it down still very much alive with the frog trying its best to escape.

This was just an insane spectacle to observe, the images so bizarre looking, as if the snake has arms. I of course felt very bad for the frog and wanted to help it, but this was in the wild in nature and the snake has to eat too, and it is best to not interfere with wildlife living out the circle of life.

This species of frog has a very mildly toxic skin secretion, and this species of snake has a mild venom, both of which are relatively harmless to humans, but still very interesting to contemplate the toxicity arms race evolving between the two.

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