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πŸ“Έ by @wildlife_ley

Leopard up in his happy place with a recently deceased baboon.

Unlike the other big cats in Africa, leopards prefer to hunt and eat alone. They harvest a wide range of prey animals to satisfy their needs, and in certain territories one that ranks high on their menu is baboons.

These primates are very strong, and when they are in large groups they pose a real threat to a lone hunter like our leopard here – any moderate to severe injury could result in a slow agonizing death if the cat is unable to feed itself.

A lone leopard with young need be very cautious around them, as baboons will seek out and kill every leopard cub they can get their hands on.

However, these scary looking primates will only attack a full grown leopard when they are out of options, most times they rely on their numbers and the exaggeration of their aggresive nature to deter an attack.

That all goes out the window at night. Baboons are not able to see very well in low light conditions, making it almost too easy for the cat for select a straggler and drop the troop number by one.



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