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Nothing Really Dies
📸 by @lauradyerphotography

Tiger with her breakfast, an axis deer fawn.

This fawn’s body will be consumed by the tiger – no surprise there. The tiger will hopefully go on to have cubs of her own, this death along with all the others up until the moment of their birth will have contributed to the life of those cubs.

The adult tiger will (hopefully by natural causes) eventually die, its body will return to the earth with the help of microbes, micro-organisms, insect larvae, scavengers – thus repaying the only debt it owes to the mother of us all.

In Tibet they practice sky burials, where a human corpse is placed on a mountaintop to decompose while exposed to the elements, or to be eaten by scavengers that happen upon the remains. All of this is intended to reintroduce the human body to this cycle and dispose of the now empty vessel in the most generous way possible.

After all, the vultures need to eat too – they do a lot the dirty work for us, breaking down anthrax, botulism and other pathogens with their extremely strong stomach acid – pretty much par for the course when you’re a vulture. Then they go on to have babies, who have babies of their own, who do the same.

All of that pain, and suffering, and death, it eventually becomes other forms of life, who throughout the course of their own lives, will experience the same, and so on and so forth.



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