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📸 by @jens_cullmann

This zebra jacked up her own leg to break free from the jaws of an attacking crocodile.

The odds of this zebra surviving are zero. She thwarted the crocodiles who were trying to make her a mid-day meal when her survival instinct kicked into high gear, but now she’s left with 3 good legs and a mangled bloody stump.

You could argue that her will to survive did her a disservice in this instance, she would have been better off succumbing to the thrashing water than to feel the gnawing pain in her foreleg as she slowly bleeds out.

But thats not how animals are built. It is in their DNA to keep breathing, no matter how much pain they must endure to do so. They actually don’t have the ability to consciously quit when their life is on the line. For better or for worse, they will never willingly give up.

This zebra didn’t survive the night, but at least she went out on her own terms.



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