This Place Is Death
📸 by @joseph__mancha

Coyote remains after an apparent mountain lion attack.

How do I know the perpetrator was a mountain lion?

I don’t.

The photographer did tell me they found mountain lion tracks all around the area, and coyotes are preyed upon by mountain lions on occasion, but if I were to say for sure that this coyote was killed by a mountain lion I would be lying to you, because I have no idea

What I do know, is that coyotes are very intelligent animals. As humans take over more of the countryside, coyotes will adapt to living and surviving in cities. In fact, it is becoming less and less unusual to spot coyotes in large cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Outside of urban areas, coyotes compete with foxes, mountain lions, bobcats, bears and wolves for resources. Humans are by far the greatest threat to coyotes, followed by Mountain lions and wolves.

However, even though they are usually hostile toward eachother, coyotes sometimes mate with wolves and produce wolf/coyote hybrids known as coywolves.

These hybrids are generally larger than coyotes but smaller than wolves, and their vocalizations start off deep much like a wolf would howl, they then switch to a higher pitched “yipping” near the end.



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