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Territorial Thrashing
πŸ“Έ by @harsha_narasimhamurthy

Tigers T 57 and T 58 of the ranthambore tiger reserve brawling it out.

Tigers fight for a few reasons, resources, territory, mating rights, and just space in general. They are solitary animals, and they like it that way.

As recent as a few years ago in another reserve (Nagarahole-Bandipur) a handful of tigers died at the hands (or should I say paws? Teeth?) of other tigers, but researchers were initally unable to nail down a definitive reason for these deaths.

Later on it was discovered that prey density was driving the tigers together, and in turn causing the high frequency of aggression and injuries/death inflicted on one another.

It is believed that once the prey levels dropped in the area, the tiger clashes caused by the overlapping territory would follow suit.



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