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Muck Bang
πŸ“½ by @heshpeiris

A group of crocodiles feed on a dead cow.

This carcass has begun to rot, which is why the crocs are able to take small bites out of it with ease. A fresh kill would be much harder for them to break apart on solid ground because the teeth and jaw of a crocodile are “designed” to grab and hold prey, they are not designed to chew in the traditional sense.

Chewing requires molars, but more importantly it requires the jaw to be able to move horizontally. Crocodiles, alligators, caiman, and everything else in that family do not have this ability. Instead, the use their powerful jaws to hold on to prey (usually in water) and spin their body or “death roll” to break food apart. The chunks they break off are swallowed whole.

Grinding up your food by chewing it is a type of pre-digestion, making it easier for the species that are blessed with this ability to give their digestive tract a break and do some of the work before it hits their stomach. Crocodiles do the opposite, they’ll swallow huge meals and lay around for days digesting, sometimes ingesting rocks to help break apart food.



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