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Whatever It Takes
πŸ“Έ by @isaacspicz

Red fox making the most of a less-than-stellar situation.

In the winter time, when snowfall bleaches the countryside and the cold arrives to chase almost everything with a heartbeat into their preferred sanctuary, the life of a fox is made tougher by the scarcity of that very same sheltering prey.

The search for sustenance may lead a fox to consume anything and everything they can sink their teeth into. This means they will branch out and search for food in residential areas (think pets) or scavenge/cannibalize their own to ease their hunger, even for a little while.

Unlike foxes, wolves actually have it easier in the winter because the medium/large prey they take down are weaker, due to their main food source being covered in snow. Funny enough, foxes are on the wolves menu as well, and for a similar reason: less heartbeats to pull the plug on.



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