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πŸ“Έ by @martinenckell

Polar bear swimming with some food in her teeth, looks like an arctic goose chick.

A polar bears stomach is large enough to hold between 50 – 90kg (110 – 198lbs) of food, and they can eat that much in one sitting! That’s basically your average human body, bones and all.

Life in the arctic is anything but easy, most days are spent looking for food but often coming up empty handed. Their ability to consume massive amounts of food in a short period of time makes up for the days/weeks of starvation they endure between meals.

The arctic goose chick in the mouth of this polar bear presumably weights around 100g (0.22lb) which won’t even make a dent in the cavernous abdominal emptiness this bear will experience regularly during the harsh winter months.

Tag your friends who might think polar bears are contractually obligated to drink coca-cola.



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