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📽 by @red_shahan

Black widow scores a huge amount of food in the form of an unfortunate snake that got itself trapped in her web.

Spider silk is one of the strongest natural or man-made materials on the planet. Some spiders are capable of spinning 7 different types of silk and use them for different parts of their web.

Ampullate major (Dragline silk): used for the web’s outer rim and spokes, also for the lifeline and for ballooning.

Ampullate (minor): Used for temporary scaffolding during web construction.

Flagelliform: Capture/spiral silk—used for the capturing lines of the web.

Tubuliform: Egg cocoon silk—used for protective egg sacs.

Aciniform: Used to wrap and secure freshly captured prey.

Aggregate: A silk glue of sticky globules.

Piriform: Used to form bonds between separate threads for attachment points.

Silk is secreted out of spinnerets located on the abdomen of the spider. Each spinneret allows the spider to combine filaments in different ways to produce these specific types of silk.

Some spiders, like the funnel-web, produce intricate, aesthetically pleasing webs. Others, like Ms. Black widow here produce messy, irregular webs that appear to be uneven and tangled. Both webs are carefully planned out and painstakingly constructed.

Spider silk types sourced from @wikipedia



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