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Demon Vegan
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And with these mighty fangs I shall devour…. grass and other vegetation.

Just by observing the canines of the gelada monkey, you might assume that you were looking at a fierce predatory species hell-bent on satisfying its insatiable lust for the flesh of another.

Especially in the photos above, where the gelada looks like it might have inspired one specific movie alien, that may or may not have terrorized Arnold Schwarzenegger and his beefcake buddies in a Central American jungle circa 1987.

The truth is, 90% of their diet is comprised of grass. Geladas are the last surviving species of ancient grazing primates and are found only in the highlands of Ethiopia. So then whats up with the crazy canine teeth that would make Dracula jealous?

The simple answer is: defense

When aggravated, they display their rising blood pressure by rolling back their upper lip to expose those massive choppers, which when push comes to shove, prove quite handy at dealing out significant damage to rival males.

Male geladas fight for the same reasons most other animals fight: romantic rights over the females and dominance over the subjugate males – although admittedly that is an extremely simplified explanation for their complex hierarchy.



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