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Why did the bison cross the road?
πŸ“½ by @yellowstonenps

A: To make an example of his foe

This type of interaction between male bison is quite common during mating season, as they are competing to win the favor of the females. The bison cows are tasked with choosing the bull with very best genetics, in order to give their offspring the very best chance of survival.

The brute strength on display here is absolutely staggering. Male bison weigh between 930 – 2200lbs (421 – 997kg) making them the heaviest land animals on the North American continent.

They have a top speed of 40mph (64km/h) which is pretty impressive when you factor in the weight of these beasts and the fact that they are herbivores. What?! How can bison possibly be that strong on a plant based diet? Where do they get their protein?

The simple answer is, that bison and pretty much every other herbivore possess gastrointestinal tracts that are highly developed, way more than that of a human or your run-of-the-mill carnivorous predator.

Protein and other nutriments are broken down and absorbed via their extensive digestive tract and the help of symbiotic bacteria, which allows them to digest and soak up essential nutrients to a degree that we cannot.

Humans and other omnivores/carnivores can generally acquire all of these nutrients in a much smaller meal, meaning we have no need for such an extensive GI tract.



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