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You’ll have to do better than that

Red-tailed hawk shot with a practice arrow.

Whomever used this hawk as target practice is surely the owner of the smallest penis (or female equivalent) on planet earth.

Seriously, whoever you are, you’re an absolute assholeface.

That being said – and it should be said, from the top of every mountain and from the base of every canyon, repeatedly, until the end of time – I’d like to direct your focus to the innocent victim here: the hawk.

Am I the only one impressed that the hawk seems absolutely unfazed by the missle jutting out of its body like some type of gag halloween costume?

The more I look at the natural world, the more it humbles me. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine what if feels like to be hit with an arrow, and if I were I certainly wouldn’t be flexing it like a hip new piercing – I’d be driving to the emergency room.

Hawks are protected by state and federal laws, so doing something like this is not only abhorrent, but it is also very illegal.

As for the person who did this OR have ever done this, I hope you trip down a concrete staircase and meet each step with your teeth.

#nimrewind February 21st 2019



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