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Strength in Numbers
πŸ“½ by @keevin_erickson
by @keevin_erickson

Wolves team up and take down a deer.

I have officially captured the most amazing trail camera video I have, or will ever capture for the rest of my life. I struggle to find words to describe how unbelievably unlikely it is that this happened in front of my trail camera. This was captured in Manitoba’s Interlake Region.

These wolves made quick work of this doe. Within seconds she had succumb to the attack and within 1 hour 6 wolves had her completely cleaned up. An hour after that, and 3km’s away I captured all 6 of these wolves heading back into the deep woods, one with a hind quarter in its mouth, presumably taking it back to her pups.

Nature is a truly a cruel cruel place, but it is also unbelievably beautiful. I never want wolves taking deer from an area I hunt, but this certainly went to show who the apex predator of the landscape really is.

Caption written by @keevin_erickson



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