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Play the Heavy
πŸ“Έ by @jens_cullmann

Male lion and his baby elephant kill.

The average gestation period (pregnancy durarion) of an african elephant is 645 days, which is roughly 21 months.

All that time it takes to create a life, just to have it extinguished in an instant. It feels bad, it doesn’t seem fair.

But there is no fair.

Whatever comes down the pipe, it is dealt with.

The loss of a child, while absolutely devastating and soul-crushing, is not the end.

Yes, at the very least it will take close to 2 years for the mom to have another child, and in that time so many different things can and will happen.

The whole thing is a huge gamble, this could happen a second time, imagine how much that would hurt – to relive this all over again?

Why bother!?

Because the urge to reproduce is embedded in the genetic code of every living thing on planet earth.

The purpose of life is to create life, natural selection has made it so over millions of years by selecting the organisms that are most successful at reproducing, which gives the next generation the best chance of passing on their genes, and so on.

One death, ten deaths, ten thousand deaths, they don’t even register in the grand order of things, as long as the zeal to reproduce remains unfettered and these beings are allowed to proliferate indefinitely.

Life on Earth depends on it.



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