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Dominance Asserted
📸 by @zali_photo

The following was written by @zali_photo. It describes the events leading up to this amazing capture:

We got news that there is a lone lioness on a kudu kill in the riverbed. We headed there only to find the kill and no lion.

A female hyena came and started eating on the kudu, we watched her for a while before a leopard came out of nowhere through the riverbed and chased off the hyena.

This big male Leopard ate on the kudu for a while before 3 hyena came and claimed back the kudu. Knowing he had no chance against 3 hyenas he strolled away from the kill.

We stayed with the 3 hyena for sometime before they suddenly just ran off in a fright, we just knew that the lioness is close and then she appeared through the long grass.

She gave chase at these hyenas and made her presence well know.

She claimed back what was hers and ate on it for a while. What an epic morning it was and it all happened around our vehicle.



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