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Easy Does It
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Male grizzly bear chases down, kills and eats a brown bear cub that got separated from its mom.

A female grizzly bear with cub(s) will do everything in its power to avoid a male grizzly for this exact reason. They are notorious cub killers, and the reason behind it serves two purposes:

For one thing, it’s an easy meal. The cubs are completely outgunned and at the mercy of the males, and even with the mothers protection they are vulnerable.

The second reason is to initiate estrus (sexual receptivity) in the female grizzly. With no children to rear during breeding season, female bears will be more accepting of the males advances as the propagation of the species is paramount, even after that same male bear made lunch out of one or all of her kids.

Its a harsh reality, but it is an absolute fact that we all need to come to terms with.



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