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In The Bag
πŸ“Έ by @savannahrosewildlife

A dead elk, killed in the yellowsrone river by this massive grizzly and dragged (floated?) to shore.

This is grizzly 791 – one of, if not the largest collared grizzly in all of yellowstone national park. The collars (there are around 830 collared bears at any given time) allow scientists and biologists to monitor these bears as they carry out their lives in the greater yellowstone ecosystem.

The codename 791 is just the number on this bears collar, but it inadvertently adds the mystique of a covert operative or a machine sent to wreak havoc on elk populations, or to assassinate certain bulls. I swear there’s a movie/animated TV show there somewhere.

Anyway, there is a video of this elk/grizzly bear interaction on YouTube, it is actually insane.

The account name you’re looking for is BE Judson on YouTube.

I can’t post it here yet, but until then I urge you to look it up OR simply go to our story and swipe up, it will be there shortly after this goes live.

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