Turtle Rabbit
πŸ“½ by @pablocersosimo

Armadillo smacks around and eventually eats a weakened penguin.

It no secret that armadillos are omnivorous, but I had assumed they ate meat only when they could successfully scavenge it. I was not aware that they would actively seek out and kill for meat, let alone attack and consume a weakened magellanic penguin.

Armadillos are built to dig, the long sharp claws on their front legs make burrowing a cinch. Evidently, it also makes tearing into a defenseless penguin pretty easy when the stars align that way.

A common misconception about armadillos is that they defend themselves by rolling up into an impenetrable ball, and while that is true for 3 banded armadillos (endemic to Brazil), the rest of them are unable to achieve this sonic the hedgehog-like protection.

As for “turtle rabbit” – its the Aztec name for armadillo



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