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📸 by @hisham_abz

Leopard enjoying a fresh kill in peace.

In addition to the sense of smell that is similar to our own, cats have what might be described as an auxiliary sense.

The roof of a cat’s mouth contains a biological structure called the Jacobson’s organ (or vomeronasal organ) It connects the mouth to the nasal passage.

It is believed that animals with this organ (cats, dogs, mice, horses, elephants, goats, cattle, pigs, lizards, snakes, and some monkeys) use it to “taste-smell” aromas around them such as food and pheromones.

Odors are inhaled to the tongue, the lip is slightly curled, and the tongue is rubbed on the roof of the mouth.

Then the mouth, nose, and Jacobson’s organ in some way allow the animal to sense the essence of the flavor and scent in a way that we do not have the capacity to experience.



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