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Surfs Up
πŸ“Έ by @fivestarwhales

In an incredible display of strength, this orca punts a seal high into the air.

It might look like the orca is toying with her prey here, and there very well may be a mischievous, albeit morbid element to this action. After all, orcas are highly intelligent animals, who knows what is going through their minds.

It does serve a function though: weakening and/or killing the prey before it is consumed by the cetacean. A seal’s fins are equipped with sharp claws, and if they are attacked while at full strength they could injure the orca.

Instead of risking their money-makers, the orcas obviously figured out that the use of their tail as a weapon served to debilitate their yummy ocean counterparts. In fact, this is, according to scientists, taught behavior – meaning that the orcas that figured this out taught the rest, who now employ this method.



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