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Leopard drags an impala roughly 20ft (6m) up a tree to eat in peace.

An impala weighs between 88-167lbs (40-76kg).

lf the leopard wants to get the most of it, he needs to get it to higher ground, or else he runs the risk of having his kill stolen by lions or hyenas.

Your average leopard weighs in at roughly 135lbs (61kg), and in this one instance he is able to carry a carcass close to or larger than himself 20ft off the ground.

An even more impressive piece of information, is the knowledge and documentation of leopards carrying 5 times their own weight into trees.

The leopard in question, who was sitting on a 660lb (300kg) giraffe carcass several meters up in the fork of a tree, was not witnessed dragging it up, but there is no other explanation for how it got there.



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