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Land of the Lawless
πŸ“½ by @cowabunga_travel

Hyena extracts a portion of a zebras alimentary canal for a nosh while the vultures wait their turn.

The only rule in this part of the world is:
There are absolutely no fucking rules.

Fair? Equal? Just?

These words have no bearing in this natural system where chaos reigns supreme.

Our human lense distorts scenes like this and forces us to feel compassion and empathize with the victim and demonize the perpetrator.

It makes people leave comments like: how could you just sit there and watch this with out helping?

Like we are the moral authority, somehow forgetting that we as a species are responsible for destroying immense swaths of the natural world for “the betterment” of ourselves.

This is just how it works.

It might not be pretty to look at, but it is neither good or bad.

It just is.



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