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Be Fit or Be Food
πŸ“½ by @rocksolidharley

Lioness giving a live warthog piglet a lift to the afterlife.

Although its life has only just begun, its death with provide sustenance for the lion and strengthen the bloodline of its species.

Organisms with genetic traits suited to survive their immediate environment are more likely to pass on thier genetics.

In the wild, a trait that is fit for survival tends to become dominant in the species over time.

Predators unknowingly do the dirty work for them by weeding out animals possessing traits that would hinder the survival of these species as a whole.

They do their prey, and in turn themselves, a great service.

For example: If each prey animal killed strengthens the bloodline by culling the slowest, the next generation of prey may be minutely quicker. Extrapolate this quickening over 50 – 100 years and the prey might have a top speed 3 – 5km faster than their ancestors.

This would in turn force the predators that hunt them to adapt and make sure they are also getting quicker with each generation.

Note: this is a very simplified example of the survival of the fittest theory, I assure you there’s a lot more to it than this.



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