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Indiscriminate Brutality
📸 by @kurtjaybertels

Nile crocodile with a mouthful of zebra foal

Your average nile crocodile consumes roughly 50 meals per year. While most of these beasts live in remote areas away from people, their large population dictates that human encounters are inevitable.

And while solid statistics are hard to come by, it is estimated that approximately 200 people die each year in the jaws of a nile crocodile.

If you were to look at the world through their eyes, this might make a little more sense. In extreme circumstances, adult crocodiles are able to live off of their own stored up energy for over a year, meaning they can survive without a meal for at least that long.

The crocs that go long stretches without eating aren’t on a new fad diet, trying to look their best for next year’s mass migration, they are starving.

Opportunistic in nature, they will take anything they can get, including a hapless villager that might be too close to the wrong rivers edge.

Other elements contribute to these crocodile/human interactions, but one of the main ones seems to be the outside temperature.

Crocodiles are cold-blooded, meaning they draw their energy and warmth from the sun – so the hotter it is, they more active they are. Inversely, when its cold they are lethergic and passive.

So not only are they stalwart survivalists, they are also solar powered.



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