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Stay Frosty
πŸ“½ via @jukinmedia

While driving along a snowy road, these people came across a bear, casually chowing down on a moose popsicle on the side of the road.

I’m sure they weren’t expecting a cheerful wave back, but the bear did treat them to a death stare before they went on their way.

This bear is getting ready to hunker down for another winter sleep, which will usually take place in mid to late November and is triggered by the seasonal food shortage.

Hibernating bears will not eat, drink or use the bathroom for the duration of their self-imposed winter lockdown.

They will sustain themselves on a thick layer of fat that the bear will build up during its active months.

Bears lose 15 – 30% of their body weight during this time, but sustain very little muscle/bone density loss despite their extreme inactivity.



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