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πŸ“Έ by @daniel_charles_bailey

African painted wolf carrying some fast food, the head of a departed savannah hare.

African hares can maintain their 45mph top speed for up to 20 minutes if need be.

While that might be sufficient in evading the majority of their would-be predators, african wild dogs employ a hunting strategy that all but nullifies it.

Hunting as a team, they’ll simply take turns chasing their quarry until it can’t run any more.
They apply this to everything they hunt, including medium/large prey items.

They can do this for over an hour, trading the lead back and forth until their lunch finally gives up.

It is worth mentioning, that while they would eventually wear out an african hare, I feel like they are not big enough to waste that amount of time and energy chasing for that long. Then again, hunger makes for poor choices sometimes.

Still, the coordination and absolute persistence of these incredible creatures makes them the most successful hunters in all of Africa.



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